Cultivar Use Accoya Wood to Design High End Greenhouses

A top provider of high end greenhouses has incorporated Accoya wood supplied by International Timber into their new designs for a glasshouse.

Cultivar use Accoya wood in combination with aluminium to create stunning glasshouses for beautiful gardens.

They praised the reliable service of International Timber, the good value for money and the expertise of employees in handling their queries.

Daniel Carruthers, Director of Cultivar said: “We have married our extensive experience in the greenhouse industry with a desire to design a beautiful glasshouse using a combination of engineered timber and aluminium.

“During the last 20 years we've worked closely with International Timber. So when we came to setting up the new business we only really had one supplier in mind for our timber needs.

“We needed a wood suitable for outdoor use. Whilst our greenhouses are predominantly aluminium we recognise the aesthetic and practical advantages of wood so when designing the structure, we wanted to incorporate some.

“It's important to educate our customer base to the merits and green credentials of Accoya. Accoya is long-lasting, dimensionally stable, attractive and most importantly environmentally and ethically sourced.

“Our timber needs are ongoing. It's not a one off project and with our eyes set on expanding the range we can only see the relationship with International Timber growing, from little acorns tall oak trees grow.”

With the website up and running the greenhouse is ready to go. The aluminium is finished in quartz grey which contrasts beautifully with the warmth and the character of the Accoya. Visit to find out more.

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