Hardwood Decking Supply

Fast response, efficient delivery
Customer contacted Tomlinson Parbans and asked about availability of hardwood decking.
Stock from International Timber was delivered to Tomlinson Parbans’ yard two days after the order was placed.
When Tomlinson Parbans received an enquiry from a customer about the availability of hardwood decking, they had no hesitation in contacting International Timber to source the material.
International Timber provided details on the range of species and sizes kept in stock for immediate delivery and advised on the most suitable option.
Following advice from International Timber the client settled on 21 x 148mm Yellow Balau, as this was the most suited species for domestic use.
The Yellow Balau stock from International Timber was delivered to Tomlinson Parbans within two days from placement of order.
The customer was very pleased with the quality of the stock and the helpfulness of International Timber when it came to delivering the quantities required quickly and efficiently. They were also extremely satisfied with the advice given to them on preserving the decking once it had been laid.
Tomlinson Parbans was delighted with the service. The company did not have to hold any of the stock or pick the order as International Timber, with its international supply network and expertise, managed this process.