Making a Grand Entrance


Renowned for making bespoke period and contemporary doors to complement a wide range of architectural styles, the London Door Company offers a comprehensive manufacturing, installation and maintenance package. The company needs to be confident that the doors it produces are both attractive and durable and believes that the materials it uses are the key to achieving the exceptional level of quality customers have come to expect.

The principles of sustainability and longevity lie at the heart of the company’s ethos so, when managing director John Williamson discovered Accoya® wood he quickly realised that it was an ideal choice.

John approached International Timber, part of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s Timber Group and the largest distributor of Accoya® in the UK, to supply the product. Two years later and around 70 per cent of the doors produced by The London Door Company are now made using Accoya® wood, with guarantees increased from one year to five as a result.

John comments: "When International Timber recommended Accoya® I agreed to trial the product and its benefits soon became apparent. We have three showrooms in and around London and these can become extremely hot as the sunlight shines directly through the shop front window. This can cause some types of timber to fade or warp in the intense heat and light. However, Accoya® wood did not suffer any adverse affects making it an ideal choice for exterior doors.

"Although we still use other timbers, Accoya® quickly became the number one choice and is now used for the majority of our doors. Due to its stability it has greatly reduced the need for us to carry out maintenance or adjustments as a result of warping, swelling or shrinkage. This has had a significant impact on the business, reducing service calls and enabling us to make cost savings as a result.

"We offer a painted finish using Sikkens coated Accoya® and, whereas movement in other timbers may result in the appearance of small cracks around the mouldings over time, the superior dimensional stability of Accoya® wood gives exceptional coatings performance. Because it retains its shape and appearance our finished doors will stay looking good for years to come."

Accoya®, manufactured by Titan Wood combines a long established acetylation wood modification technique with cutting edge technology to give it performance properties that surpass those of the best tropical hardwoods. The result of over 80 years’ research and development, it is manufactured using non-toxic processes and timber from well-managed, certified, sustainable sources.

John adds: "We believe that the most effective way to make our product truly sustainable is to build in longevity at every stage. Accoya® has enabled us to do just that, providing a viable, low-maintenance and long lasting alternative to tropical hardwoods."

With a minimum 60 year life expectancy, backed by BRE and TRADA, Accoya® is proven to be more resistant to rot; achieving the highest possible British Standard durability rating. It is less susceptible to traditional problems associated with timber such as bow, cup and twist and in tests has been shown to shrink or swell less at least three times less than other common joinery timber species.

As an approved Sikkens partner, International Timber can now offer guarantees of up to 12 years for opaque finishes and eight years for translucent finishes in joinery applications.