Create your perfect look

Published Friday 27th September 2013
Create your perfect look

A popular look for interiors at the moment is the mix and match vintage style. Mixing different patterns on soft furnishings and adding retro-inspired accessories is a key look for homeware departments.

Whatever your style, whether it’s funky & contemporary, homely & traditional or retro & cool, it is worth remembering that interior styles come in and out of fashion, and while cushions are easy to change, other aspects of the room are not.

This is why it is worth investing in quality, timeless fixtures and fittings for the main features of the room, including the floor. Flooring can be tricky to get right; when choosing a carpet it can be difficult to visualise a whole room when looking at a small sample! Too light and the carpet will show up every mark, too dark and it can dominate the room.

A popular and classic choice is to install a hardwood floor. Choosing a hardwood floor gives not only a versatile starting point for any room scheme, but also offers durability unlike any other floor covering.

Hardwoods such as Oak, Cedar, Beech and Ash are from slow-growing trees which helps give them enhanced durability and strength. Characterised by a fine grain appearance, hardwoods are available in a range of beautifully appealing colours, depending on species chosen.

What’s more hardwood flooring is low-maintenance; a regular sweep and occasional mop will keep the floor looking beautiful for years, and if required a quick sand and varnish will have it once again looking perfect. If covering a large area with hardwood floor the space can be broken up with splashes of colour with rugs.

Hardwood Merchants are the perfect place to source all varieties of hardwoods and here at International Timber we are proud of our responsible sourcing policy which ensures all the timber we import is done so sustainably and in accordance with all the relevant regulations.

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