Diamonds are forever

Published Monday 15th September 2014

The team at Hull is celebrating its Diamond Award in the annual Saint-Gobain EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) awards.

Sam Hawksley had the pleasure of taking a trip to Paris to be presented with the award by Pierre-Andre de Chalendar; the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Gobain.

Sam Hawksley comments:

“Several procedures and changes all with the aim of improving health and safety around the site were made.  Gradually changing the culture of how our team perceive health & safety so that they understand and realise that what we`re doing is not just an exercise but is actually improving their working conditions  and ensuring their health and wellbeing.”

Some of the initiatives or procedures which have been implemented include;-

  Review of the traffic management
  Chemical review
  Adhering to procedures such as the loading safely, safe stacking and the cone placement procedure
  when loading vehicles 
  A full H&S Induction procedure was implemented for all visiting HGV drivers attending the site
 The site have achieved over 3 years without a lost time accident

The above processes and changes have all been part of a “journey” which the site has been on over the past 4 years, many more initiatives and procedures have been implemented along the way and the site will continue this journey to becoming ‘THE Reference’ within SGBD for Health  and Safety with renewed drive.