Catering for 2014's Top Interior Design Trends: What Merchants Need to Know

Published Tuesday 03rd June 2014

Now that pesky recession is out of the way, it’s homeowners are cutting loose and looking to create stylish and innovative areas within their homes. It’s actually quite exciting as there’s so many different materials and directions to take. Many have been done before and are slowly becoming popular again. Others are risky and definitely for the bold and the brash.

In this guide, we'll take a look at what suppliers and merchants need to know about the big interiors trends of 2014 and the materials they'll need to cater for these.


What goes around comes back around it seems. Many homes are now beginning to really embrace vintage as a design style in the home over 2014. Themes which incorporate classic designs with a retro aesthetic means lots of wood. Many are taking to creating their own furniture from scratch to fit in with the quirkiness. Keeping a good supply of softwoods is definitely advised here.


Black never really goes out of style, but it’s once again becoming much more popular on the interior design front. Panelling and cladding really comes in handy here, and plywood panels are very flexible in design terms. When painted black, they can enhance a room greatly.

Rustic/Timber/Light Toned Wood

Wood is very ‘in’ right now and lots of people are going the rustic route. This means a lot of hardwoods, softwoods, along with mouldings of all sizes. As wood (of course) is very flexible, there’s little that can’t be done when it comes to interior design. Cupboards, tables, chairs and staircases are going to be very popular design choices in wood over 2014. Bear this in mind when stocking over the following months.

Man Space

Given the recent financial climate, it's unsurprising that more and more people are staying at home during the day and at weekends. This has led to a growing focus on creating the perfect design scheme, particularly if there’s an extra room or extra space that can be altered. Lots of men are seeing these spaces as a personal DIY project and creating a room of relaxation. Wood will come in handy here once again - tables, chairs and bar tops are going to require hardwoods which stand up to the task of repetitive usage.


An irregular room stands out, which is why it is becoming a popular trend over 2014. Mismatched furniture and decorations look quite impressive and unique. And it seems that items such as wooden chairs and tables are the way forward yet again. Keeping off-cuts and irregular sized pieces of timber might prove to be profitable as people look to make their room a little irregular too!


One of the most interesting trends is that the line between outdoor and indoor design is becoming more blurred. There’s a definite increase in moulding outdoor spaces to be as aesthetically pleasing as interior ones. This means decking and cladding are going to be more popular, especially over the spring/summer months. Suppliers can also look to supplying louvres also, which go towards creating those truly special outdoor designs that mesh perfectly with indoor living areas.


Whilst wood is taking pride of place in many rooms, there’s still something to be said for metal. Materials such as copper and steel are proving to be very popular, particularly in rooms such as the kitchen. A combination of wood and metal provides a stark and interesting contrast from a design point of view. Don’t be surprised to see wooden counter tops finished off with metal splashbacks or cooker hoods.

If you have any interior or exterior projects coming up, it's advisable to read up on these upcoming trends and prepare accordingly. We've only skimmed the surface here and there’s an endless array of unique designs to make the home interesting. Those in the supply business might find that they stand to really benefit from getting the inside curve on the interior design front.



Do you think we've neglected any important trends or would you add some key materials to our list? We always want to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave us a comment below.

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