New Legislation for 2012

Published Wednesday 18th April 2012
International Timber Supports New Regulations
International Timber has given its full backing and support to the news that the importing of illegally sourced timber into Europe will be banned from 2012 thanks to a deal struck in Brussels. It is a positive move in the right direction and sends a strong message to both our suppliers and customers.
Currently it is not against the law to sell timber in the EU that was chopped down illegally in its country of origin. However, the Council of the EU has signalled its approval for legislation that will close this loophole by putting a ban on illegal timber entering the EU market.
The so-called “Due Diligence Regulation” would close this loophole, making it illegal for companies to import or sell timber that has been logged illegally in its country of origin.
Under the new rules, companies selling timber would be required to demonstrate that they have exercised adequate due diligence to ensure that their timber has been felled legally.