7 Best Woodworking Websites

Chefkeem on PixabayImage Credit: Chefkeem on Pixabay
Published Thursday 02nd October 2014

Woodworking is an ancient art, but it hasn't been immune to the dawn of the digital age. The World Wide Web is chock-full of great resources for woodworkers looking for help and advice or simply seeking to show off their latest projects. 

In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the best woodworking websites on the internet and provide a brief rundown of what you'll get out of them.


Reddit bills itself as the frontpage of the internet and while its design can come across as slightly outdated – its unique structure ensures you'll always be greeted with fresh, interesting content on each visit.

It's divided into sub-sections (known as subreddits or 'subs') and its /r/woodworking page is a must-see for beginner and veteran woodworkers alike.

It's got a robust FAQ section that'll take you through tools, common questions and offers some great resources – including instructional videos and design fundamentals for every type of project.

The subreddit also delves deep into more advanced topics like how to account for wood movement, woodworking safety and which software you can use to plan out and render projects in 3D before commencing.

There's also an extensive list of further woodworking guides, including links to free plans that can take you through a project step-by-step.

As for the forum itself, it's resplendent with project photos, discussions and Q&As from both beginner and advanced woodworkers covering virtually every aspect of the craft.


While Google's flagship social network hasn't yet challenged the likes of Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity, it's still got a lot to offer – especially for woodworkers.

Its most popular woodworking community is a fantastic forum, where woodworkers and enthusiasts from all over the world come together to discuss their hobby.

Here you'll find photo and video walkthroughs of projects, people showing off their latest accomplishments and some real-life examples of fixtures and interiors in action.

It's incredibly popular and the time difference between members means new content is available throughout the day. The only downside is the potential hit your productivity will take as you browse it.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

The home of Steve Ramsey's popular video series – this website is a must-see for newcomers to the world of woodworking or those who are looking for a simple project to tackle in their free time.

He's got a wealth of resources on offer, including free plans, video guides and project pictures from viewers. Steve's comprehensive guides feature a weekly project and in-depth explorations of tools and tricks that'll set you in good stead for your own work.

British Woodworking

Closer to home, British Woodworking is an excellent resource for woodworkers of all capabilities. While you can't get it for free, the publication's online magazines are available to download at a reasonable price, which is well worth it for the tips, projects and captivating articles it features every month.

Paul Sellers

Paul runs the New Legacy School of Woodworking in Wales and is a prolific blogger to boot. His fantastic articles focus on everything from the philosophy and future of woodworking to practical tips and biographical posts that offer insight into the day-to-day life of this master craftsman.

David Barron

We love David's contemporary furniture blog, which is regularly updated with stunning examples of what expert craftsmen can accomplish. As well as showcasing furniture, David offers insights into his latest projects, sells hand-made tools and advertises his hands-on woodworking courses.

Robin Wood

Robin is a passionate woodworker, whose passion for the craft really comes across in his writing. Robin's busy schedule doesn't prevent him from regularly updating readers on interesting projects and reviewing new tools on the market. He's also received an MBE for his role in keeping traditional woodworking alive with the Heritage Crafts Association – so hats off to him!

And You?

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