Our decking range gives you the design flexibility to achieve a look
that suits your lifestyle. We have a range of beautiful species of hardwood and softwood timbers to choose from, each mellowing over time to add a unique warmth and character to your home. Plus a choice of handrail and balustrade components to satisfy contemporary and traditional tastes.

Available on request, for commercial applications we are able to produce bespoke decking profiles thanks to our high-precision milling facilities.  From terraces to roof gardens and from balconies to garden features, with our decking you can take the indoors outdoors.  There are certain types of hardwood, particularly those used in marine constructions that are ideal for use in decking. These timbers are hard wearing and extremely durable offering class one or up to sixty years’ life.  Typically hardwoods tend to be more expensive than softwood as they take longer to grow; they also offer different aesthetic characteristics in look and colour.

Softwood is widely used in decking applications and is sourced throughout Europe. Species such as Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine are also used for decking being virtually clear of knots. The durability will be enhanced by the use of pressure treatments involving chemicals and if maintained can last for up to thirty years. Softwoods typically grow more
quickly and therefore cost less than hardwood, however clear softwoods are similarly priced as hardwood.

Timber that has been modified using either heat treatment or acetylation process has become very poplar over the past five years. The treatment processes used, offer a more environmental form of turning timber that would normally be classed as non durable in external use, to very durable, with a life span in excess of 30 years. The products marketed under this category are Thermowood and Accoya.

International Timber has many years of experience in importing timbers and our expertise guarantees the consistency of quality in our products. All timbers are responsibly sourced to a strict environmental code and we can offer FSC® or PEFC certified timber. We are also members of the WWF – UK Forest and Trade Network for added peace of mind.

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