Douglas Fir

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No. 2/3 Clear and Better, No. 3 Clear, No. 4 Clear, Select Merchantable. Also available in vertical grain (VG) for specific end uses such as door manufacture. Also known as Columbian Pine.

85/15 mix = 85% No.2 Clear + 15% No. 3 Clear

BOTANICAL NAMEPseudotsuga menziesii
DENSITY 530 kg/m3
DISTRIBUTION Although a native of North America, the tree has been extensively planted in Europe and the UK
DRYING Imported 'Douglas Fir' is not a difficult timber to dry on arrival in this country or in Europe, because the moisture content has already been reduced prior to shipment with some selecting out of degraded boards. Drying degrade is generally confined to surface checking, splitting and loosening of knots, and splitting in the vicinity of knots. Accordingly, stock from trees grown in the UK and in Europe when dried from the green state, needs care, particularly because of the generally higher preponderance of knots which are hard, often loose, and which encourage more wavy grain than in imported stock
DURABILITY Moderately durable
MOISTURE CONTENT 14 - 16% (+/- 1 - 2%)
ORIGIN North America, Europe
PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES Compared with European redwood, it is some 60 per cent stiffer, 40 per cent harder and more resistant to suddenly applied loads, and 30 per cent stronger in bending and in compression along the grain
STORAGE ADVICE Green stock outside, KD stock under cover
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Joinery - Exterior, Joinery - Interior, Cladding, Structural Use, Flooring, Ladders, Doors
WORKING QUALITIES his all-purpose timber works easily with hand and machine tools, being tough, strong, moderately hard, resilient straight grain and decorative appearance. Takes screws and nails moderately well with good staining and painting properties
Douglas Fir
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
KD PEFC No.2/3 Clear and Better (85/15)
1 x 6"S0005181YPEFC
1 x 8"+S0005182YPEFC
2 x 8"+S0005186YPEFC
2.5 x 8"S0005188YPEFC
3 x 8"+S0005190YPEFC
PEFC No.2/3 Clear and Better (85/15) H.T. (Heat Treated)
KD PEFC No. 2/3 Clear and Better (85/15) VG (Vertical Grain)
2 x 4"S0005765YPEFC
2 x 4"S0005765YPEFC
2 x 5"S0005321YPEFC
2 x 6"S0005322YPEFC
2 x 6"S0005322YPEFC
2 x 8"S0005611YPEFC
2.5 x 4"S0005323YPEFC
2.5 x 5"S0005612YPEFC
2.5 x 6"S0005617YPEFC
2.5 x 8"S0005771YPEFC
KD FSC No.2/3 Clear and Better (85/15) VG
2 x 5"S0005848YFSC
2 x 8"S0005849YFSC
2.5 x 5"S0005850YFSC
2.5 x 8"S0005852YFSC
KD No.2/3 Clear and Better (85/15)
1.5 x 9" Pullouts (R4C)S0000080Yz ☎
1.5 x 11" Pullouts (R4C)S0000052Yz ☎