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No. 2/3 Clear and Better, No. 3 Clear, No. 4 Clear, Factory Selects, No. 1 Shop, No. 2 Shop, Also available in vertical grain (VG) for specific end uses such as door manufacture.

BOTANICAL NAMETsuga heterophylla
DENSITY 500 kg/m3
DISTRIBUTION This species ranges from Alaska southward along the whole British Columbia coast, and is also found in the interior of British Columbia in certain areas of heavy rainfall. It extends into northern Washington, Idaho, and to the western slopes of the Cascades
DRYING The initially high moisture content of this species requires care in drying processes in order to avoid surface checking, and to ensure uniform drying throughout the thickness. Warping and twisting tendencies are usually low
DURABILITY Slightly durable
MOISTURE CONTENT 12% - 14% (+/- 1 - 2%)
ORIGIN Canada, North West USA
PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES The timber is not as hard as Douglas Fir but compared with that species, it is about 30 per cent less stiff and 50 per cent less tough, and in respect of general strength properties it is more closely comparable to European redwood (Pinus sylvestris)
STORAGE ADVICE Green stock outside, KD stock under cover
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Mouldings, Joinery – Interior
WORKING QUALITIES Similar properties to those of Douglas Fir but not quite as strong or decorative. Pacific coast Hemlock dries exceptionally well and nails firmly without splitting
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
KD PEFC No.2/3 Clear and Better
1.25 x 3"S0005609YPEFC
1.5 x 9"S0005844YPEFC
1.5 x 10"S0005608YPEFC
1.5 x 11"S0005845YPEFC
1.5 x 12"S0005327YPEFC
2 x 3"S0005619YPEFC
3.75 x 3.75"S0005621YPEFC
4 x 4"S0005329YPEFC
KD PEFC No.2/3 Clear and Better VG (Vertical Grain)
1.5 x 3"S0005610YPEFC
1.5 x 4"S0005620YPEFC
2 x 4"S0005277YPEFC
2 x 4"S0005785YPEFC
2 x 5"S0005176YPEFC
2 x 6"S0005177YPEFC
2 x 8"S0005178YPEFC
2.5 x 5"S0005179YPEFC
2.5 x 6"S0005607YPEFC
2.5 x 8"S0005278YPEFC
KD No.2/3 Clear and Better
1 x 4"S0003221Yz ☎
1 x 6"S0000423Yz ☎
1.25 x 3"S0002984Yz ☎
1.5 x 3"S0003724Yz ☎
1.5 x 9"S0000212Yz ☎
1.5 x 11"S0000213Yz ☎
1.5 x 12"S0003696Yz ☎
2 x 3"S0000082Yz ☎
3"S0000071Yz ☎
3 x 3"S0000360Yz ☎
3.75 x 3.75"S0003764Yz ☎
4 x 4"CHES1010Yz ☎