Western Red Cedar

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No. 2 Clear (Para 401). No. 4 Clear, Factory Flitch, Select Merchantable.
Cedar - Western Red

PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES Its light weight and soft timber contributes to low strength properties and compared with European redwood (Pinus sylvestris) it is some 20 to 30 per cent inferior in bending strength, and about 15 per cent less stiff. It is also much less resistant to splitting and indentation on side grain than redwood
DENSITY 390kg/m3
DISTRIBUTION A tree of the northern Rocky Mountains and Pacific North-west; its full range extends from Alaska southwards to California, and eastwards along many of the interior ranges of British Columbia, northern Washington, Idaho and Montana to the western slope of the continental divide
DRYING Thin sizes dry readily with little degrade, but the timber generally tends to hold its moisture at the centre and care is needed with thick stock to avoid internal honeycombing and collapse. The timber holds its position well after drying with practically no tendency to warp and check while movement due to shrinking and swelling in changing atmospheres is smal
MOISTURE CONTENT KD 13 - 19% : AD 50%+
ORIGIN Canada, North West USA
STORAGE ADVICE Green stock outside, KD stock under cover
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Cladding, Decking, Joinery - Exterior, Greenhouse Manufacturing
WORKING QUALITIES The timber works easily with both hand and machine tools, but its relatively brittle nature, which can cause splintering during some operations, and its soft character, which can lead to chip-bruising, usually means that care is needed in order to obtain the best results during mortising, planing and moulding. A good finish can be obtained, but
Western Red Cedar
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
PEFC No2 Clear Green
0.625 x 4"S0005745YPEFC
0.875 x 5"S0006204YPEFC
0.875 x 6"S0005606YPEFC
1 x 4"S0005599YPEFC
1 x 6"S0005675YPEFC
1 x 8"s0005600YPEFC
1.25 x 4" 8'S0006011YPEFC
1.25 x 4" 10'S0006012YPEFC
1.25 x 4" 12'S0006013YPEFC
1.25 x 6"S0005930YPEFC
1.75 x 4"S0005342YPEFC
1.75 x 6"S0005601YPEFC
2 x 4"S0005603YPEFC
2 x 5"S0005343YPEFC
2 x 6"S0005604YPEFC
2 x 8"S0005605YPEFC
2 x 10"S0005346YPEFC
2 x 12"S0005344YPEFC
3 x 6"S0005846YPEFC
3 x 6" +S0005345YPEFC
4 x 6" +S0005318YPEFC
6 x 6" +S0005750YPEFC
KD No2 Clear
0.875 x 6"S0005671YPEFC
1 x 8"S0005728YPEFC
1.75 x 4"S0005734YPEFC
2 x 4"S0006048YPEFC
2 x 6"S0005862YPEFC
2 x 8"S0005863YPEFC
2 x 10"S0005874YPEFC
3 x 6"S0005859YPEFC
No4 Clear Green
1.75 x 6"S0005602YPEFC
2 x 4"S0005853YPEFC
2 x 6"S0006102YPEFC
4 x 6"S0006103YPEFC
6 x 6" +S0006105YPEFC
Shingles No1 Blue Label
Shingles 5xS0005677YPEFC
Shingles 5x TreatedS0005678YPEFC
Shingles 5x Fire TreatedS0005757YPEFC