European Hardwood

European Hardwood

A walk through the centre of Windsor, or a drive through the Herefordshire countryside, a visit to the Palace of Westminster, or a stroll though Norwich Cathedral, or myriad other places in our country will highlight the use of Oak Timber in construction over the centuries. Similarly, many a National Trust House will reveal Oak flooring and panelling, a glance at the panelling behind the MPs in the House of Commons also highlights beautifully ray figured Quarter sawn Oak. Additionally Oak has for centuries been a valued wood for furniture, and this is apparent even today, in any furniture store or kitchen showroom.

Quality Solutions

International Timber keeps a comprehensive range of Oak products and can provide tailor-made custom solutions to special requirements. For centuries Oak has been the construction timber of choice for our churches, palaces, manor houses and cottages, and is still the most widely used European Hardwood for construction, joinery and quality furniture. This is not least due to the strength and durability of the timber, to the wide range of appearances it can present - flat sawn with flame figure, straight grained rift figure, quarter sawn ray figure or ‘Silver grain’, clear, knotty, pippy or burry. There is an incredibly wide choice of appearance options, probably unmatched by any other wood species. Traditionally most of this Oak was of native origin, but as the population and demand has grown, European Oak is now mostly sustainably sourced from the Forests of Croatia, France and Germany, although the species Quercusrobur and Quercuspetraeaare are the same as our native Oak.

Product Availability

International Timber keeps a comprehensive range of Oak products and can provide tailor-made custom solutions to special requirements. The EU requirement for all timber to be from ‘legal sources’ means all of our European Oak is sourced with FSC® or PEFC™ certification. Other legally and well managed sourced hardwoods include: Beech - steamed (pink), unsteamed (white) or natural colour no defect. Beech is used for fire doors, painted joinery, woodware, furniture and shop fittings.

In European Beech we hold a large stock holding which are all FSC and PEFC Certified. We have developed CND Beech (Colour No Defect) in a dimension stock ideal for door manufacturing with an excellent fire rating and with excellent supply chain contacts we are able to deliver mixed thickness in half/direct loads into our customer base for Germany/France/Italy.

Ash - natural mixed colour or selected white or olive. Traditionally used for coach building due to its toughness and elasticity, it is also an attractive furniture wood.

Other species available to order include Walnut, Maple, Chestnut, Sycamore, Elm and even Hornbeam which was a traditional wood for weaving shuttles, lead-layers mallets, windmill cog-wheel teeth and butchers blocks. International Timber has been a leading supplier in the European Hardwood market for many years. We stock a comprehensive range in European Oak, Beech and Ash.