Large Mouldings Meranti

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Select & better. Colour is red to dark brown, planed surfaces fairly lustrous in appearance with surface being course. No knots, limited pin hole.

PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES It has superior bending, flexibility and crushing strength than that of European Oak, although it is not as hard
DRYING 12 - 14% Kiln Dried
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS General joinery, furniture, plywood and cladding
ORIGIN South East Asia
DURABILITY Moderately durable
STORAGE ADVICE Product needs to be kept undercover
WORKING QUALITIES Works well with a smooth finish when machined, takes a stain or coating well.
STABILITY Kiln dries well with little distortion remains stable in the majority of joinery applications
Large Mouldings Meranti
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
Large mouldings
12 x 95mm Round 1 edge (R1E) SkirtingPMR11295YMTCC
12 x 70mm Round 2 edge (R2E) FacingPMR21270YMTCC
12 x 95mm Ogee SkirtingPMO12095YMTCC
12 x 145mm Ogee SkirtingPMO12145YMTCC
14 x 95mm Ogee SkirtingPMO14095YMTCC
14 x 145mm Ogee SkirtingPMO14145YMTCC
14 x 69mm Ogee ArchitraveHMOG1469YMTCC
20 x 69mm Torus ArchitraveHMT20069YMTCC
14 x 144mm Torus/Ogee reversible skirtingHMTO 1414YMTCC
20 x 144mm Torus/Ogee reversible skirtingH0003608YMTCC
20 x 169mm Torus/Ogee reversible skirtingH0003607YMTCC
Window Sections
57 x 140mm Window CillH0002022YMTCC
20 x 145mm Planed & nosed only (PN) window boardPMWN2014YMTCC
20 x 195 mm Planed & nosed only (PN) window boardPMWN2019YMTCC
20 x 218mm Planed & nosed only (PN) window boardPMWN2021YMTCC
20 x 240mm Planed & nosed only (PN) window boardPMWN2024YMTCC
20 x 290mm Planed & nosed only (PN) window boardPMWN2029YMTCC
20 x 195mm Planed, nosed & tongue (PNT) window boardH0001421YMTCC
20 x 218mm Planed, nosed & tongue (PNT) window boardHMWT2021YMTCC
20 x 240mm Planed, nosed & tongue (PNT) window boardHMWT2024YMTCC
26 x 220mm Planed, nosed & tongue (PNT) window boardHMWT2622YMTCC
26 x 240mm Planed & nosed only (PNT) window boardHMWT2624YMTCC
69 x 144mm Door CillHMDC6914YMTCC
44 x 144mm Patio CillHMPC4414YMTCC
44 x 69mm Door Weather MouldHMDW4469YMTCC
15 x 115mm Carpet StripHMCS1511YMTCC
9 x 31mm InfillH0004689YMTCC
23 x 25 mm Glazing beadH0001405YMTCC
12 x 95 mm Channel / V’ D LiningPMCL1295YMTCC