Door Blanks

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Manufactured from both light weight and low density plantation hardwoods and selected wood chip mix.

EGGER fire door cores are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commerical applications including housing, education and healthcare, hotel and leisure,                       commercial offices and retail environments.

PacifireTM doorblanks are available with a variety of surface finishes. Long grain veneers for painting or veneering, MDF/HDF and RedayPaint MDO. Also they can be overlaid with a selection of surfaces using the bespoke CPL service

Joubert Aludoor, the100% Okoume throughout panel with selected plies of Joubert quality mark with two 0.3mm aluminium cores. The Joubert aludoor panel, available in 40mm and 54mm, is designed for door manufacturing. The aluminium sheet acts as a barrier to humidity, gives better stability and avoids excessive distortion of the panel.

SAINTYFIRE doorblank comprises a tri-layer pine and spruce mixed solid timber core faced with exterior grade hardwood plywood or MDF/HDF. It has maximum strength to keep its stability but low moisture retention/swelling. It has good screw holding properties superior to most softwood. Available with a variety of surface finishes. Long grain hardwood veneers or MDF/HDF face ready for painting or re-veneering. Customer appointed different nature wood veneers also available for the finished lipped doorblanks.

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PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES All blanks conform to BS 476: Part 22 198. Flamebreak approximate weight of 31kg per 2135 x 915 blank. Pacifire Litewood less than 28kg per 2135 x 915 blank. Egger Eurospan have the BM Trada certification for Q-Mark Fire Doors.
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Lightweight firecheck door blanks for conversion doorsets. Eurospan door cores form an integral component in a door's front line fire protection.
ORIGIN Indonesia/Austria
DURABILITY EN 636-2 (Flamebreak)
ENVIRONMENTAL CREDENTIALS FSC available and SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System)
STORAGE ADVICE Store in clean, dry conditions where the ambient conditions are similiar to that intended for further production and free from excess moisture and changes in humidity and temperature. Store doors perfectly flat on level supports the full width of the door. One support across the centre and one 300mm from each end. Bottom support to be covered with cardboard to prevent marking the doors.
Door Blanks
ProductCodeStockedEnvironmental Credentials
FD30 2135 x 915 x 44mmDBLK4573YSVLK
FD30 2440 x 1220 x 44mmDBLK4584YSVLK
FD60 2135 x 915 x 54mmDBLK5473YSVLK
FSC FD30 2135 x 915 x 44mmDBLK6073yFSC
2135 x 915 x 44mm Falcata FacesYSVLK/FSC
2135 x 915 x 44mm MDF FacesYSVLK/FSC
2440 x 1220 x 44mm Falcata FacesYSVLK/FSC
2135 x 915 x 54mm Falcata FacesYSVLK/FSC
2060 x 840 x 44mmYFSC
2135 x 915 x 44mmYFSC
2440 x 915 x 44mmYFSC
2440 x 1220 x 44mmYFSC
2800 x 915 x 44mmYFSC