International Supply

We travel the length and breadth of the globe to source the best and most sustainable timber products. By doing so, we offer one of the largest and most varied ranges of hardwood, softwood and panel solutions in the UK.

We obtain clear evidence of good forest management at the original source and work closely with suppliers that provide such evidence. Where demand exists we procure timber from areas of greater risk, but only work with suppliers that can demonstrate an improving programme of sustainability.

However it’s not only about having a wide selection constantly available, we also pride ourselves on having a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the business which has been established over time. It’s this knowledge and in-depth understanding of our international suppliers and the markets they operate in that enables us to offer customers more than just timber. We can provide advice on the best solution for the job in hand and ensure our imports come from well-managed sources so customers can be confident the timber they buy from International Timber comes from a sustainable and legal source..