Slip Resistant Decking

Slip Resistant Decking

International Timber can offer a range of decking with in-built anti-slip strips, designed to prevent slips and falls.  We can add the anti-slip inserts into any species of timber to match the requirements of the project.  


Anti-slip strips are factory applied to the decking. A blend of resin, fillers and hard-wearing anti-slip aggregates are injected into grooves of the decking and allowed to cure. The aggregate on the finished strips sits proud of the timber surface. It provides hardwood and softwood decking with additional grip, particularly in wet or icy weather. The anti-slip strips are applied before
the application of stains or preservatives.


The aggregate and resin infills give a certain amount of protection against wear. More importantly, the strips provide additional grip under foot for pedestrians, particularly when timbers are wet or icy, thus reducing the risks of slips and falls. The product has been tested to BS7976-2: 2002 in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the U.K. Slip Resistance group. We recommend two strips of non-slip for domestic applications and three strips for commercial and public areas.


Anti-slip strips can be applied to deck boards with grooves that have a width of between 5-10mm and a depth between 4-6mm. Deck boards are available in a choice of profiles – smooth and grooved. To further enhance your deck, we are able to offer a factory finish coating which will protect the look of your deck for a minimum of five years.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 year guarantee on inserts
  • 100 PTV results
  • Coloured inserts
  • Hard wearing aggregate
  • Bespoke cutting service
  • Variety of profiles & lengths
  • Fitted as timber decking
  • Low maintenance
  • Natural aesthetics of timber

Anti-slip strips can be applied to all species of decking.

Gripsure Aquadeck®

The Gripsure Aquadeck® is made up of non-slip timber boards. This specially designed decking prevents slipping by allowing rainwater to permeate through the wood and return to the ground rather than sitting on top. Gripsure branded decking is perfect for any project where this needs to be considered. For example, it is ideal for parks, leisure and tourism facilities, retail outlets and bridges. With Gripsure there are also many different design options with over 200 colour combinations available.

For more information click here to view the Gripsure Aquadeck leaflet


GripsureHome is an anti slip timber decking that works to keep you on your feet all year round. Traditional timber decking becomes very slippery when wet and can be lethal to walk on. Bad weather conditions can cause decked areas to be inaccessible at certain times of the year. A build up of leaves, rain water, snow and ice are all causes of slippery decking.

GripsureHome is a traditional decking board profile that features two durable aggregate infills that work through tough conditions to deliver a good slip resistance to keep you on your feet.

For more information about GripsureHome, click here.


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