Dura Cladding

Dura Cladding



  • Quick & easy to install
  • 10 year warranty
  • No splintering, warping or rotting
  • No staining or painting required
  • Low Maintenance, requires only basic cleaning over its 50 year life expectancy
  • The eco-friendly choice – made from up to 87% recycled materials and is 100% FSC¬Æ Certified
  • High resistance against environmental factors such as fungus or mould
  • UV Certified to ISO 4892-2, Dura Cladding will survive the harshest of climates
  • Wide range of complimentary WPC trims and accessories available

For more detailed information, download the Dura Cladding Manual here.

N.B. Please note that Colours shown above are representative only, actual colours may vary slightly. Although Dura Cladding is colour stable, there may be some initial colour lightening during the first 3 months as the product weathers.


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