CLS & Carcassing Timber

Botanical Name

Spruce (Picea abies)


Discover International Timber’s CLS & Carcassing Timber – the go-to solution for robust, eco-friendly construction projects. Our versatile timber, sourced responsibly from managed forests, offers strength, stability, and easy workability.


1. Versatile Construction: Ideal for framing, stud work, and general construction.
2. Strength and Stability: Ensures long-lasting, solid structures.
3. Sustainability: Responsibly sourced for eco-friendly building practices.
4. Ease of Workability: Facilitates precision cutting and fitting.
5. Moisture Resistance: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


1. Cost-Effective: Exceptional value without compromising quality.
2. Consistent Quality: Rigorous quality control for reliable performance.
3. Compliance: Meets industry regulations and building codes.

Tips for Best Results:

1. Proper Storage: Keep in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent warping.
2. Precision Cutting: Use appropriate tools for accurate fits.
3. Pre-treatment: Consider wood preservatives for added protection.
4. Follow Guidelines: Adhere to local building codes for proper use.

Build confidently with International Timber – quality, sustainability, and performance excellence.

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