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Hardwood Timber

Hardwood timber is sourced from broad-leaved, angiosperm, deciduous trees which shed their leaves on an annual basis and distribute nutrients throughout the wood. 

Strong and durable, this type of timber is best suited to projects that require strength and longevity. For example, hardwood is often sourced for furniture, construction and flooring.

In comparison to softwood, hardwood has a more condensed and complex structure – this is what makes the timber so strong. Hardwood trees also take longer to grow and tend to be thicker than softwood timber. Due to the refined and resilient quality of hardwood, it is typically more expensive to purchase than softwood. But not to worry, we can provide you with a great deal on cheap hardwood supplies.

Hardwoods can be broken down into the categories of European, Temperate and Tropical hardwoods. Common types of hardwood include Oak, Meranti, Ash, Iroko and Sapele. Here at International Timber, we stock these products as well as a range of alternatives, such as American Cherry, to Beech and Maple

There are plenty of advantages to using hardwood planks for your project. For example, hardwood timber is easy to maintain and clean, making it a popular choice for flooring. The strength of hardwood has made it a top choice for construction projects, whilst its versatile aesthetic makes it a suitable option for an array of different styles and décors.

At International Timber, we specialise in hardwood sales and we can help you find the best product for your project. Plus, we offer hardwood planks cut to the size you need. Whether you require supplies for joinery, furniture or construction, you’ll be able to find a suitable product from our range at an affordable price. 

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