Door Blanks

Door Blanks


Manufactured from both light weight and low density plantation hardwoods and selected wood chip mix.

PacifireTM doorblanks are available with a variety of surface finishes. Long grain veneers for painting or veneering, MDF/HDF and RedayPaint MDO. Also they can be overlaid with a selection of surfaces using the bespoke CPL service

SAINTYFIRE doorblank comprises a tri-layer pine and spruce mixed solid timber core faced with exterior grade hardwood plywood or MDF/HDF. It has maximum strength to keep its stability but low moisture retention/swelling. It has good screw holding properties superior to most softwood. Available with a variety of surface finishes. Long grain hardwood veneers or MDF/HDF face ready for painting or re-veneering. Customer appointed different nature wood veneers also available for the finished lipped doorblanks.


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