Flame Retardant Hardwood Plywood

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus grandis


Burnblock Fire Retardant is a 100% non-toxic, biodegradable solution used for treating wood to Euro Class B through high pressure impregnation in a state of the art autoclave. The list of material that can be treated with Burnblock is ever growing to keep up with market requirements and ensure we are treating material in accordance with the latest and highest standards, listed below.

BS EN 13501:2018
Fire classification of construction products and building elements

EN 45545:2015 R1 & R10
Railway applications. Fire protection railway vehicles. Requirements for behaviour of materials and components

EN 16755:2017
Durability of reaction to fire performance
All processes used to treat solid wood and wood based panels are CE and UK CA marked. A DOP is supplied for all the material that is treated.

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