Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)


Oriented Strand Board (OSB), is a cost-effective alternative to standard plywood. Manufactured in a similar way to chipboard, OSB is recognised for being an ideal solution for load-bearing applications in dry and humid conditions.

Oriented Strand Board is a form of engineered wood which is manufactured through the compression of wood strand layers with adhesives like wax and synthetic resin. Uniquely, the stands of wood in each layer within OSB are strategically placed in a ‘cross ply’ effect to enable optimum strength. OSB wood can feature up to 50 layers of wood in total.

OSB is an extremely popular choice for many applications, it now assumes more than 50% of the structural panel market and has been deemed more popular than plywood in some applications, such as sheathing in walls, flooring and roof decking. OSB board products are available in larger sheets than plywood, they are also thicker and heavier – making them an ideal choice for a range of different projects.

OSB boards are sourced from sustainable, fast-growing trees such as Scots Pine and Spruce. Here at International Timber, all of the OSB products we stock are sustainably sourced with FSC® Certified or PEFC™ Certified accreditation. You can rest assured knowing that the OSB board products you purchase from us are eco-friendly, with West Fraser Sterling OSB Zero even being certified carbon negative. This means that more Co2e is locked into the product than is emitted during manufacturing.

Our range includes a selection of Smartply, Kronospan and West Fraser. Take a look at our OSB plywood products today.

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