Yellow Balau Decking

Botanical Name

Shorea laevis ridl


Welcome to International Timber, your trusted source for premium wood decking solutions. Dive deep into our Yellow Balau Decking offerings and discover the aesthetic and structural benefits that make it a preferred choice for many deck enthusiasts.

What is Balau Decking?

Balau is a dense and durable hardwood native to Southeast Asia, recognized for its strength and natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects. This wood type is ideal for outdoor applications, especially when longevity and low maintenance are priorities.

Introducing Yellow Balau Decking

Among the various Balau species, Yellow Balau stands out with its distinct golden-brown hue, which gracefully ages to a silvery grey if left untreated over time. The richness of its tone, combined with its robust nature, makes Yellow Balau Decking a popular choice for homeowners and commercial establishments.

Features of Yellow Balau Decking Boards:

1. Durability: Yellow Balau Decking Boards are known for their hard-wearing characteristics. Their natural oils protect against harsh environmental factors, ensuring a long-lasting deck.

2. Aesthetic Appeal: Yellow Balau offers a warm, golden hue that complements a variety of outdoor spaces. Its fine grain and smooth texture enhance its visual appeal.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Responsible sourcing ensures that Balau Decking Boards are of the highest quality and sustainable.

4. Versatility: Suitable for contemporary and traditional settings, Yellow Balau Decking is adaptable to various architectural styles.

Why Choose Balau Decking from ‘International Timber’?

At ‘International Timber’, we pride ourselves on offering premium Balau Decking Boards that meet the highest industry standards. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction ensures that when you choose our Yellow Balau Decking, you’re not just getting a product but investing in a legacy.

Whether you’re contemplating a new decking project or looking to revamp an existing one, our Yellow Balau Decking promises unmatched elegance and durability. Discover the transformative power of Balau Decking Boards with ‘International Timber’ and create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and enduring.

Available Grades:

Select & Better
Some are present, colour a yellowish brown, which will turn grey on exposure to external weathering


Reeded Deck Board

A reeded deck board is distinctively characterized by its grooved or reeded design on one side. This not only imparts a unique aesthetic appeal but also offers practical benefits:

1. Anti-Slip Surface: The reeded texture provides a grip, making it less slippery when wet, enhancing safety.
2. Enhanced Drainage: The grooves channel away water, reducing the chances of water pooling on the surface.
3. Versatility: While the reeded side offers functionality, the flip side is often smooth, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose the preferred look.
4. Natural Aesthetic: The reeded design adds a tactile, organic texture, complementing outdoor environments.

Reversible Deck Board

A Reversible Deck Board is a uniquely designed decking plank with two distinct finishes on opposing sides. This means you can choose between two surface textures or designs by simply flipping the board during installation.

1. Versatility: The dual-finished design allows homeowners and builders to choose a texture that best suits their aesthetic or functional needs without buying separate boards.
2. Cost-Effective: Customers often find cost savings in product purchases and reduced wastage by offering two design choices in one board.

3. High-Quality: Like all products at ‘International Timber’, our Reversible Deck Boards are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability and longevity.

4. Easy Installation: The design simplifies the decking process, as one can change the deck’s appearance without the hassle of sourcing different boards.

Smooth Rounded 4 Corners Deck Board

This particular deck board design is crafted precisely, ensuring each of its four corners is smoothly rounded. The rounded edges provide a sleek, contemporary look and enhance safety, minimising sharp edges that can cause splinters or injuries.

Chosen for its visual elegance and practicality, the Smooth Rounded 4 Corners Deck Board is ideal for areas with high foot traffic, including public spaces, pool decks, and family homes. The board’s design complements various outdoor settings, effortlessly elevating the overall ambience.

Rebated Baserails – 32 x 78mm

Rebated Baserails are foundational elements designed with a groove or rebate cut into their surface. This rebate allows for a seamless and secure fitting of other components, such as spindles or glass panels, ensuring they are held in place without the need for additional fixings or adhesives.

1. Precision Design: The 32 x 78mm dimensions offer an optimal size that is robust and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring the rail blends seamlessly with the overall design.

2. Secure Fitting: The rebated groove is meticulously crafted to ensure a snug fit, enhancing the safety and stability of the entire structure.

3. Versatile Application: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, the rebated baserails can be utilized in a range of projects, from staircases to decks.

4. High-Quality Timber: Quality is paramount at ‘International Timber’. Our Rebated Baserails are sourced from premium timber, ensuring durability and longevity.

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