The 7 Best Woodworking Vlogs and Podcasts

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The convergence of widespread internet access and ever-cheaper video equipment has been a boon for woodworkers looking to trade tips, demonstrate techniques or simply show off their latest projects.

In this guide, we’ll offer our picks of some of the best audio-visual woodworking content on the internet and provide a brief introduction to the people behind the camera.

Jay’s Custom Creations

Jay Bates’ phenomenal video log (vlog) is a must-see for aspiring woodworkers and old hands keen to learn something new.

In his weekly videos, Jay takes viewers through his current projects, offers tips on various aspects of woodworking (like maintaining your tools) and step-by-step guides backed up by downloadable plans that are available on his website.

Check him out here as he offers a comprehensive guide on how to create the perfect miter sled for a table saw:


The Modern Woodworkers Association

Founded in 2010 as a means to organise woodworkers that take part in online communities, the Modern Woodworkers Association (MWA) seeks to promote woodworking education, help woodworkers forge new connections on the web and provide a wealth of resources for beginners and professionals alike.

As well as a busy blog, hefty social media presence and dedicated website, the MWA hosts a bi-weekly live podcast – featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in the woodworking world, as well as tools reviews and roundups of the latest reviews.

For a flavour of their videos, be sure to check out this podcast where MWA members discuss some of their favourite tools to use in the shop:


Paul Sellers

We were lucky enough to interview Paul towards the end of last year, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase his brilliant videos in this post.

Lifelong woodworker Paul runs the New Legacy School of Woodworking in Wales, but dedicates a great deal of time to creating sublime instructional videos that’ll guide you through every element of a project – from start to finish.

Here, for example, Paul shows us how to restore a chisel handle to its former glory in under five minutes:

The Drunken Woodworker

Fortunately, The Drunken Woodworker is a simple moniker for David Picciuto, a full-time online content creator whose videos are dedicated to teaching the art of woodworking and design.

After being inspired to take up the craft through watching videos himself, David opted to start his vlogs as a way to share his projects and connect with other like-minded makers.

Watch here as he guides us through creating a fantastic caddy for beer bottles – you can even download the templates and work along with him!

The Renaissance Woodworker

With humble beginnings as a blog, Shanon Rogers’ Renaissance Woodworker site has grown into a veritable smorgasbord of tips for veteran and beginner woodworks allike.

Along with his Hand Tool School site, Shanon has hundreds of hours’ worth of video tutorials on offer – from full project walkthroughs to quick tips and more.

Watch as Shanon shares a quick tip on the best way to enlarge a mortise without having to nibble away at it with a chisel:


The Wood Whisperer

Marc Spagnuolo, author of Hybrid Woodworking, began his Wood Whisperer site as a way to share his experiences while working on client projects. However, due to its rampant popularity – creating videos now counts as Marc’s day job.

He takes a light-hearted and energetic approach to woodworking and tackles a range of topics – from design to finishing and everything inbetween – with excellent production values.

For example, here Marc talks us through some of the best ways to fix common woodworking mistakes:


He also takes part in the Wood Talk podcast – a show created by woodworkers for woodworkers – which is well worth a listen.

The English Woodworker

While our friends from across the pond hold the monopoly on woodworking videos, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include one of our favourites from closer to home.

Created by Richard and Helen – the owners of Maguire Workbenches – this great series of videos offers an insight into traditional woodworking, with a particular focus on workbenches.

Although the channel has currently taken a hiatus while they relocate, there’s a great back catalogue of videos for you to get started on.

Here Richard shows us how to get holes square and save money by taking advantage of a clever little gizmo:


And You?

With all the fantastic multimedia resource for woodworkers available on the web, we’ve barely scratched the surface. So if you’ve got any favourites you’d like to share – be sure to fire us a tweet – we always want to hear what you have to say!

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