4 Perfect Woodworking Tasks For The Summer

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Now that the sun has finally graced us with something that very closely resembles summer, we thought we’d share some of our favourite DIY woodworking tasks so you can enjoy the hobby you love, and catch some rays in the process!

With an endless amount of fun woodworking jobs to tackle, we thought we’d have a specific look at those that will make your garden look absolutely fantastic this summer.

A wheelbarrow garden planter

This decorative planter is perfect for any garden – it’s a bit quirky, really striking and can be brightened up by any flowers of your choosing. The wheelbarrow planter can be made out of any wood you like, including pallet wood – once it’s all varnished and finished you’ll have a clean, smart and envy-inducing wheelbarrow planter!

This super easy project can be completed within a day and only requires basic tools, so wait until you see the sun peeking through and get your DIY gloves on!

A DIY herb garden

This upright kitchen garden is perfect for small spaces and will create a perfect place for you to grow your favourite herbs. The structure is easy to build, requires minimal budget, and you don’t need many tools either! All you need to construct your own very own herb garden is a saw, a drill and some wood. Good job we have plenty of that at International Timber!

A raised garden bed

Building a raised vegetable garden is a really rewarding experience. Not only do you get a beautiful end product, but you then get to watch your vegetables grow and flourish!

You can use pallet wood for a rustic look as well as a series of other timber-types to create a more refined look that you can check out here.

A raised garden bed won’t take long to create either – two days maximum and you’ll be ready to start planting your carrots!

A garden bench

Using just a few basic tools, you can create a beautiful garden bench to chill out on during the summer days. This is one woodworking task where sanding is imperative – you don’t want your guests sitting down and getting splinters!

The length of the bench is entirely up to you – whether you want a little bench for you and your partner or a family-sized bench for the whole gang, just get the length you desire, sand it, varnish it and get ready to sit out and catch some sun!

And that’s it!

We hope these ideas and videos inspire you to get out and get some woodworking tasks done in the summer sun. If you need any timber to get your projects off to a good start, don’t be afraid to get in contact! Follow our Twitter as well to keep up with all of the latest timber news from across the UK!

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