5 alternative ideas for garden sheds

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Still revelling from George Clark’s Amazing Spaces, Shed of the Year? We were blown away by some of the entries in this year’s competition, and despite many accusations and online discussions on what exactly is defined as a ‘shed’ I think we can all agree that there were some spectacular projects involved.

The show certainly got our creative juices flowing, so in this guide we explore some ways you can transform the humble garden shed. And while they may not come close to ‘award winning’, these projects are suitable for anyone to have a go at.

The garden shed is often used for storing bulk items, tools and things that you can’t otherwise find a home for. But who’s to say what your shed can be used for when you put your mind to it? We’ve been inspired by Shed of the Year and have come up with five alternative uses for the humble garden shed:

Home office

If you work from home or are the type of person that needs some time on their own to work, your shed could become that perfect place to work on that novel you’ve been putting off or finish off a report. If you can connect electricity, a home office can easily be achieved with just a desk, a chair and preferably a lamp and a computer if you need. The best thing is, when you’ve finished work, you’ve only got a short walk home!


The garden shed can be the perfect play den for kids – a hideaway to entertain their friends or even just to keep their toys in. Just remember to make it child-friendly. With just a few cushions and blankets on the ground to make it comfortable, you’ve created the perfect toddlers’ play area.

Man cave

Just like the kids love a place of their own to play, adults love it too! A decently sized shed can easily be converted into the perfect man cave that all guys (and some girls) can love.

A fridge full of beer, fizzy drinks and your favourite snacks, a TV for those all-important footie games, a pool table, huge comfy chairs, the possibilities are endless to make this a perfect get-away.

An electricity supply and some form of heating is essential. After that, it’s all aesthetic: paint, prints, flooring and the interior – all of this is completely down to you.


Have you dreamt of having your own pub, complete with a favourite draft beer and or even live sport? Well grab your tools and make that dream a reality. Turning your garden shed into your new local can easily be achieved. Take a look at these entries on Shed of the Year in the pub category for inspiration. As well as impressing the neighbours, if you’re lucky, you might even make a few bob out of it too!

Personal Gym

A home workout room can avoid those pricey gym membership fees, long queues and unnecessary travel expenses. Complete with all the equipment you require for your own fitness needs, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors whilst undergoing your fitness regime in privacy.

And you?

Have you got a garden shed you want sprucing up or perhaps you’ve built something unique in your garden you’d like to share with us? Either way, get in touch or fire us a tweet – we’d love to hear from you.

You can also check out our guide on what makes a Shed of the Year here.


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