7 incredible woodworking creations

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We’re constantly bowled over by the breath-taking woodworking projects we see across the web on a daily basis.

So as a collective tip of our hats to this inspiring community, we’ve put together seven of our favourite woodworking creations.

Shed of the Year

A man’s shed is his castle and the Shed of the Year competition is an amazing showcase for practical woodworking. Each year, hard-working competitors get together and battle it out for this prestigious title.

The previous years have seen such a wide array of amazing projects put forward, that it’s been hard to narrow down our favourite. However, after due consideration we’ve decided to go with the 2013 Shed of the Year – the ‘Boat-roofed’ shed by Alex Holland.

This imaginative structure combines two of our favourite activities – woodworking and boatbuilding – to great effect.

Driving in Venice

One woodworker who was pretty much guaranteed a place in this list is the prolific Italian artist Livio Di Marchi.

For decades, he’s forged some unbelievable creations from wood, including clothes, skulls and amazingly detailed animals.

However, our pick for his best work simply has to go to the creation that made him the only man able to drive around Venice. A picture paints a thousand words, so be such to check him out in his functioning wooden supercar as he takes a leisurely spin round the canals of the ancient city below:


While the digitally-generated sculptures created by French artists Tony and Emmanuelle Lugand in their Holly Wood project might not count as woodworking in its most traditional sense, we were still highly impressed.

This series of pop culture icons, depicted in aged wood textures offer are extremely detailed and for us the pinnacle of the group was video game superstar Mario.

Wooden Computer

We’ve come across all sorts of projects that mix the functionality of modern technology with the timeless aesthetics of wood, but were absolutely blown away by this fully-functioning wooden computer.

Created by Dutch designer Marlies Romberg, who had a great disdain for plastic and metal, this beautifully-crafted piece comes complete with a computer table, in-built monitor, mouse and lovingly engraved keyboard.

Named the Dear Diary 1.0 by its creator, its interior features all the things you’d expect from a fully-functioning computer – including CPU and internal hard drives all held together with ornate wood and brass fixings.

Get to the Chopper!

This fantastic chopper-style bike comes from veteran creator Warren Von Botbyl. Branded ‘The Instigator’ – this fully operational bike was delicately carved from wood and features snazzy spokes, as well as a paint scheme to die for.

Let there be light

Designed by Barend Hemmes of Hemmesphere Lighting, this bulb-shaped lamp really tickled our fancy.

To create its intricate design, precision lasers were used to cut the wood, which produces a grid-shaped shadow and warm glow. Its encapsulating design means it’s safe to use as a hanging shade, a lamp shade or a quirky addition that’ll slot in pretty much anywhere.

Wood on wheels

The Vespa is a classic Italian scooter brand, whose name translates to ‘wasp’. This wooden twist on the design was hand-carved by Portugese artisan Carlos Alberto.

Based on the design of an original from the company, Carlos put together its trademark curved body using steam-bent wood and plastic-coated veneers. Besides the engine and the wheels, the entire vehicle is made from wood with complementary shades and stains.

Click here to check out the full build.

And you?

Narrowing down the list to just seven entries was near-impossible, given the vast variety of fantastic woodworking projects littering the web. So if you’ve got any suggestions for ones we would’ve included, don’t hesitate to give us a shout via Twitter.

And if you’re looking for the right kind of timber for a particularly ambitious project, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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