8 Inspiring Garden Furniture Ideas

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Whether it be a quaint bench or decorative piece, timber structures can be the perfect complement to any garden.

In this guide, we look at some of the best and unique garden furniture pieces made from wood that will hopefully inspire you with some fun ways to spruce up your garden.

Carved Table and Chair Set

This rustic table and chair set blends beautifully into a more country themed garden with its simple design and remaining bark. The concept of using timber with the bark left on could be used for a number of other outdoor furniture ideas such as a bench or swing seat and would be the perfect to complete a shabby chic garden theme.


Colourful Outdoor Bar and Stools

This bar with matching stools is a great way of recycling used crates to create a contemporary and fun furniture set.  By adding a hint of colour to the bar set it gives the garden a much artier appearance and gives you the opportunity to make a completely unique furniture set by selecting colours and finishes to suit your personal preference.


Open Summer House

The openness of this timber summer house allows natural light to flow in yet provides the perfect sheltered hideaway to escape the British weather whilst enjoying your garden. The spacious design creates room for comfortable furnishings whilst the wood panelled interior combines both contemporary and rustic design.


Wooden Framed Water Wall

This wooden water feature is perfect for achieving a tranquil garden space as the simplistic timber design along with the sound of running water are the perfect calming combination. The water feature may also be useful for partitioning a section of the garden off such as a pergola or summer house to create privacy.


Reef Benches

This super cool twist on the traditional bench was designed by Remy&Veenhuizen for a secondary school garden in the city of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. The contemporary bench fits in beautifully with the urban surroundings but would also make a great feature piece for an arty garden.


Birdhouse Tree

This quirky manmade tree sculpture is full of colourful homes for local birds. Although this specific piece may be a little overwhelming for the typical suburban garden it provides plenty of inspiration. Why not add colourful birdhouses around the garden to add a hint of colour?


Swinging Bench

This giant swing seat is perfect for lazy days in the garden, the simple wooden design allows you to choose the finishing touches such as cushions and throws to best suit you garden.


Groot Swing

This amazing wooden sculpture which doubles as a swing seat was made by a super fan of the Marvel movie series. This piece demonstrates just how fun garden furniture can be and how almost anything can be incorporated into your dream garden, even fictional movie characters!


And you?

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