Accoya® stands the test of time for The Environment Agency

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Two years after International Timber collaborated with Accsys and sustainability consultants 540 World to supply fenders made from Accoya wood to the Environment Agency, the timber solution has shown no signs of losing durability or strength.

The fenders, an essential part of flood management assets in the Thames Estuary, provide bio-diversity niches in tidal waters, promoting healthy and diverse habitats.

Since being installed, Accoya® has performed as expected and after being installed at the site for over two years there has been no visible deterioration in the fender material, or the ability of it to fulfil its function.

When planning for the project two years ago, Accoya® was chosen because of its Gold Cradle to Cradle certification and its unique suitability for this project.

Accoya® is a sustainable timber that is made from fast-growing softwood. Its enhanced properties offer great environmental benefits, and its long-life durability combined with non-toxicity is something that was incredibly important to the success of this project.

Alongside this, Accoya’s stability ensures minimal swelling, shrinkage or warping when immersed in water, a huge need for this entire application.

Therefore, when TEAM2100 and the Environment Agency chose the material to use for this project, Accoya® was able to solve a big need for a certified product, whilst also being the perfect solution for what was set out in the brief.

When asked why Accoya® was successful Dr Jo Guy, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Team 2100, Environment Agency, said: “There are two successes. First, the EA has to reduce our use of tropical hardwoods, and Accoya® provided a way to do this by providing an alternative material which fulfils the same function.

“Second, and of a wider focus for TEAM2100 is to meet the targets of EA’s organisational sustainability strategy which includes a shift to use circular materials as part of the circular economy’s contribution to addressing the climate and nature emergencies.

“As a result of its Cradle to Cradle Certification Accoya® allows TEAM2100 and the EA to meet our ambition of moving to truly circular materials. Its effect on the programme was close to instant with nearly all timber requirements being considered through the lens of Cradle to Cradle and the opportunities to use Accoya®.”

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