International Timber partners with Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes

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Building strong working relationships: A partnership between International Timber and Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes. Introduction

Established in 1987, Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes (HP&LH) specialises in manufacturing high-specification, luxury park homes. Based in Rushden, Northamptonshire, Homeseeker has garnered a reputation for utilising the finest materials in the creation of its intelligently-designed park homes and lodges, which are all fitted with the latest top brand appliances.

International Timber handles the vast majority of Homeseeker’s timber needs and, since the partnership began, has been committed to building a strong relationship with Procurement , Supply Chain and the wider Homeseeker team to provide excellent product choice and value for money, alongside an unrivalled level of service.Partnering with International Timber

International Timber is committed to working closely with Homeseeker to meet all its timber needs.  Our familiarity with the Homeseeker factory set-up means that International Timber is able to ensure complete efficiency and proactivity, no matter how complex the order. This approach is of great benefit to both parties. Our commitment to quality and excellence assists Homeseeker in providing the very best service to its customers. In addition, International Timber’s ability to source a wide variety of timber from virtually any location enables the team to provide a bespoke service.

International Timber also joins Homeseeker at exhibitions and provides advice directly to its customers – discussing the most appropriate timber species and treatments for their dream properties in person.

We spoke to Homeseekers’ Purchasing and Suppy Chain team to get their perspective on the partnership with International Timber and why it works so well:

Q: How would you describe your partnership with International Timber?

A: “We have a very strong working partnership with International Timber – they look after all of our raw timber requirements, as well as our more specialist log cladding needs. We build the highest standard of timber parks and residential homes and therefore rely heavily on continuity of supply, whilst retaining the economical balance of material cost. International Timber is very aware of this and provides an excellent service in line with our ever changing requirements.

Q: What sets International Timber apart from the competition?

A: “I would say their diverse product portfolio alongside their willingness to react quickly to any customer request, coupled with their continuous innovation in developing new products sets International Timber apart from the competition. I would also add that equally important is the relationships we have built with key personnel over the years.

Q: How do customers respond to the bespoke service that you offer in partnership with International Timber?

A: “Our customers respond very enthusiastically to our bespoke service and we quite often put them in touch with International Timber directly to identify their specific needs in order to provide clear and precise requirements from the outset. Sourcing sustainable timber is also of paramount importance to Homeseeker Homes and we are very supportive of suppliers who buy products which support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide, a passion which International Timber shares.”

Q: In your opinion, why does this partnership work so well?

A: “In my opinion the main underlying reason that the partnership works so well is down to International Timbers’ professionalism and flexibility in regard to our working relationship.”

In conclusion: “We pride ourselves on the quality of the entire home buying experience, from the customer’s first visit to our £11m manufacturing facility and show homes in Rushden, to the time when our Aftersales Manager formally hands over the keys to the new Homeseeker home. With the market for leisure homes growing and 50% of the homes we manufacture being log clad lodges, we have no doubt that the relationship with International Timber will continue as we strive to meet the ever increasing requirements for timber clad homes in the UK.”

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