Laminated Oak for long-standing clients Runciman & Redpath

  • Case Study

International Timber, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke, sustainable timber and panel products, has collaborated with specialist joinery manufacturers Runciman & Redpath on internal modifications to homes across Scotland, providing high-quality timber to be used for staircases and bespoke benches.

Runciman & Redpath is a specialist joinery manufacturer who undertake interior renovation projects across Scotland, creating bespoke features from timber. Having recently completed five stunning projects, the team have worked alongside International Timber to provide staircases, benches, shelving and panelling for large estates and new build properties.

Working together for over a decade, Runciman & Redpath utilised Laminated Oak supplied by International Timber for the construction of its joinery projects. The strong relationship between both companies has resulted in high-quality home interior improvements to be achieved as well as the mutual sharing of expert advice within the timber and joinery industry

Laminated Oak

Laminated Oak is a type of engineered timber that consists of layers of wood veneers glued together to create a strong and durable material. It provides huge benefits, such as strength, durability and design flexibility.

With the high traffic volume that stairs and benches experience, Laminated Oak’s strong and flexible qualities make it the perfect material for any such projects. One of the key advantages of Laminated Oak is its flexibility; the layers of wood veneers can be bonded together in different directions, making it the ideal material for use in curved structures or traditionally difficult, uneven surfaces.

This flexibility also means Laminated Oak can be cut and shaped to fit any design, giving architects, designers and joiners greater creative freedom to create innovative and bespoke designs.

Colour consistency

Initially, one of the main challenges for Runciman & Redpath was choosing a timber product that would create a consistent colour to ensure its clients’ desired aesthetic was achieved when manufactured into staircases, benches, shelves and panelling.

International Timber chose to supply American White Laminated Oak to create a consistent wood effect across the internal modifications of each home. Laminated timber is just as aesthetically pleasing as solid wood, and is a great alternative for exposed beams, shelving and panelling interiors compared to steel or concrete.

Kevin Anderton, Senior External Sales Representative at International Timber, said: “It was great to work with our longstanding customer Runciman & Redpath on these projects, continuing our strong working partnership. The team continues to buy from International Timber based on the added value services that we offer.”

Ewan Redpath, Managing Director at Runciman & Redpath, said: “International Timber provide an excellent and reliable service for each and every job. I have been working alongside Kevin for over 10 years and he always provides expert advice regarding the recommended timber solution for any joinery project.”

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