Sourcing straight grained Western Red Cedar for hand-made Kayaks

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Timberwolf is a Scottish start-up that produces hand-made Kayaks, Canoes and accessories using traditional methods with a modern twist. These are a rare sight in the UK, despite often being lighter and as strong (if not stronger) as plastic and fiberglass models.

Its products are custom built using the stitch and glue method, whereby layers of cut and stripped wood are glued together to create the body of the vessel. However, they also benefit from modern techniques – such as the skin-on-frame method, using treated ballistic nylon.

Due to the demanding needs of the client, the ability to hand-pick the timber was essential, as any chips or knots in the wood would render it unusable for kayak construction.

The Project

Timberwolf founders William Lawrie and Steven Muraska made the initial approach using the enquiry form on the International Timber website. He sought personal service in sourcing a high-quality wood that could meet his demanding requirements. In order to give a more local and personal service, we passed on his details to the local Jewson depot at Eyre Place in Edinburgh.  Branch Manager Jon Holt contacted William directly to get a better understanding of the scope of the project and Timberwolf’s specific needs.  Once the details had been gathered, Jon contacted product specialist David Hogg at International Timber Grangemouth to find the ideal solution.

Timberwolf opted to use Red Cedar, sourced from North America, which International Timber gained from a PEFC certified, sustainable source.


Timberwolf has created its first sea-going Kayak model, named the ‘Swordfish’. It offers a basic configuration, with optional hatches and other add-ons that can be tailored to specification. The company is highly interested in developing an ongoing relationship with International Timber, as it will be ramping up production in the coming years and appreciates the “outstanding service” we offer.

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