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International Timber and Peter Cox Ltd recently joined forces to restore a 155-year-old Signal Box in Wales, utilising sustainable Accoya® to ensure longevity and maintain the structure’s historic charm.

Found in Anglesey, the Valley Station Signal Box was built in 1867 and in desperate need of restoration following decades of decay. Faulty drainage had led to wet rot taking hold of the timber, making it likely that the structure would not have survived if refurbishments had not taken place.

 The Signal Box is a historic landmark in the area and was given Grade II status by the Welsh Government in 1998. It was originally built as one of 15 new huts along the Chester and Holyhead Railway and has stood the test of time for over 155 years. Peter Cox Ltd was commissioned to assess how the structure could be saved and called on the expertise of the local International Timber team.

Picking the timber of choice

Keen to utilise a high-performance solution, the surveyors selected Accoya® as the timber of choice to replace the historic, internal structural timber frames. The product could be cut to the specific needs of the build, while providing huge sustainability and durability qualities that will benefit the structure for years to come.

The International Timber team took precise measurements to calculate the volume of timber required, replacing individual sections of the damaged wood rather than complete removal. The structure has also maintained its signature look throughout the entire build. Peter Cox Ltd added stainless steel splice plates to the adjoining half-lap joint timber to strengthen and maintain the building’s structure.

The customer benefitted from a dependable supply chain, with all timber supplied to the precise specification and on time, ensuring the project ran to schedule. Additionally, Western Red Cedar was supplied, which was used to pattern cladding in the build. All timber was treated with fungicidal fluid to help prevent the growth of wet rot fungus in the future and so preserve the structure for generations.

Completing restorations

With the timber supplied, Peter Cox Ltd got to work, removing and replacing internal structural timber frames in the signal box structure. Work was completed without any disruption to the railways. The signal box is now restored to its former self, with sustainable Accoya® ready to face the elements.

Paul Martin from International Timber said: “It was a pleasure to be involved in such a rewarding project, especially when it is helping to preserve a great piece of Welsh history. This is an excellent example of the potential of our sustainable Accoya® timber, which will help this signal box continue to stand the test of time. This collaboration has also seen us supply timber for several other similar projects throughout the North Wales area.”


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