The Benefits Of A Timber Frame Home

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Timber framed homes are sometimes looked upon as a bit of a puzzle, in both the sense of why they’re made, and how. They may be built like some kind of awe inspiring game of jenga, but there’s a magnificent science behind timber housing that not only makes them super strong and durable, but also brings with them other fantastic benefits to the home owner – after all, over 70% of people in the developed world live in timber homes!

So, what are the benefits to a timber home?

Flexible design

First and foremost – aesthetics. A timber frame build is just as it says, it’s just the frame. You can build around the structure with whatever material you want to ensure you have the look you desire, whether that’s timber panels, stone or bricks! It’s totally up to you (and your local regulations and planning requirements!).

Quick build

Want to move into your new home as soon as possible? A timber frame home is for you then. Due to the mechanics of a timber frame house, it can be cut, modulated and built a lot quicker than a brick build. Exactly how much quicker? As little as 5 days! Time is also normally saved from the cleanliness of the work site – less building debris equals a more effective workforce!


Timber frame builds unsurprisingly weigh less than brick builds. What’s the benefit of this? The lightweight structures can be built on more sites than other builds, such as areas with difficult land conditions. The weight of the timber also means that it can be transported with greater ease, ensuring a quicker construction time.


As most people know, timber is better at retaining heat than metal, but did you know it’s actually 400 times warmer? This is due to wood being an effective natural insulator with significant thermal mass properties, so you can keep the beautiful heat from the day and it can be released slowly at night, leaving it absolutely perfect for building a home.

Co2 impact

Timber frame homes are absolutely fantastic for the environment. Most governments have initiatives and rules about house building and creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly property market, which is why timber is a great choice when building a home. Not only does building a timber frame home ensure you’re emitting less Co2 gasses, but it’s also a carbon negative and has been confirmed by numerous studies as the most resourceful way to build!

And that’s that!

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