The Five Best Uses of Reclaimed Wood

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From budget to looks, there’s so many reasons why reclaimed wood features are so popular at the moment and the surge in demand looks set to continue.

In this guide we’ll explore five best uses of reclaimed timber that your customers may be interested in and how best to integrate this with existing features.

Why go reclaimed?

Reclaimed wood is any processed wood that has been recycled for a new use.

Adding a reclaimed wood fixture to the room can create a wonderfully rustic look, connecting a living space to the natural world.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian-style homes, character is immediately injected into any space through the use of the beautiful textures of wood that’s already seen use.

An added benefit of reclaimed wood is its sustainable credentials. For eco-conscious designers, this material has long been on the agenda – encouraging the re-vitalisation and recycling of existing wood for new uses.

Its environmental benefits, combined with versatile options for use means reclaimed wood has firmly established itself as a popular interior design material of the 21st century. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the most popular ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into the home.

  1. Feature Wall

Use reclaimed wood for a feature wall in contrast with paler tones in the rest of the room. Wood can absorb a lot of light, so it’s important to balance this with a light palette for paintwork and furnishings.

The use of a feature wall can help to create a traditional log cabin feel or a contemporary polished look, depending on the type of reclaimed wood chosen and the combination of furnishings and lighting selected to match. There are so many wood types available that each wall can be totally bespoke and with so many odds and ends available to reclaim – you’ll have no trouble putting together a totally unique combination.

  1. Flooring

Choosing distressed reclaimed wood for flooring can make for a rustic living space, well-suited to a country cottage, generating feelings of warmth and texture. Choose darker woods for a rich, elegant design or to fit in with existing period features, while lighter tones make a small room brighter.

The beauty of a reclaimed wood floor is that homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of wood flooring without the price-tag.

  1. Dining Table

A statement reclaimed wood dining table can become the focal point of the room – making a dining space unique. Reclaimed wood makes for a beautiful solid wood table which will improve with age, evolving with use over time.

  1. Doors

A London couple recently created the ultimate ‘austerity home’ salvaging old doors that had been thrown away and created a totally unique look for their home, with a different wood used for each door of their home. Distressed wood looks especially nice on a door, with an eclectic mixture of wood able to be used throughout the home to match the themes of the respective room interiors.

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