Top 4 internal home improvement ideas

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Timber is versatile material, a fond favourite in many homes for many years. Whether you’re looking to create a fresh start or finally make those changes you’ve been putting off for months, there’s plenty of ways timber can be used to improve your home.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up a selection of home improvement ideas.

  1. Doors

Replacing internal doors can bring a new lease of life into a room and can only take a couple of hours. First you need to involves measuring the old door then trim your new door to size, since all internal doors are manufactured in one of a number of pre-set sizes. Once you’ve carefully removed the hinges (ensuring you don’t lose any pins), it should be easy attached to your new door, ready for hanging.

When choosing your new door, you should pick one that suits the period of your house and furniture style. For example, if you live in a contemporary house, choose a flush product that offers a sleek minimal finish, whereas panelled doors give greater depth and a more traditional feel.


A DIY headboard can give your bedroom a unique sense of character, and one can be built in a matter of hours. Once you’ve designed your headboard on the current measurements of your bed, use strips of your preferred wood to construct the headboard. Then all you’ll need is glue, nails, sandpaper and any varnish or paint which you’ll be applying to the finished product.

  1. Radiator cover

Radiator covers can add a decoration to a room and can be built with little expense, using MDF sheets. By purchasing a radiator cover, you can reclaim the flat surface on top to display books, picture frames or hardy plants. They’re also a great way to child-proof your home and mask those unpleasant ‘hissing’ noises.

Over time, cast iron radiators can begin to look less attractive. While refinishing is often an option, a timber radiator cover can be a simple, low-cost way to spruce up a living space and increase safety.

TIP: When measuring the radiator, you’ll need to account for an extra 5cm in each direction to allow the circulation of warm air, and you’ll also need to use a jigsaw to cut vents across the cabinet.

  1. Staircase

While a more ambitious interior home improvement project, building a new staircase can still be an enjoyable and rewarding process. An aesthetically-pleasing staircase can make or break the whole style and proportion of a property.

However, designing and building a dream staircase can be a big undertaking, which is further complicated by the individual design considerations that constrain what’s possible in each property. For a more in-depth guide on building a timber staircase, read our blog on five key staircase design considerations.

And you?

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