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Veneered MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) panels consist of two carefully bonded veneers of quality timber sandwiching a sheet of standard MDF. Customers choose this material as it beholds all the character, beauty and finesse of natural timber, whilst embedded with the stability of MDF.

International Timber sells a wide range of veneered MDF panels, with our most popular choices being Oak, Ash and Walnut.

  • Veneered Oak and Ash are for those after a lovely grain and aesthetic
  • Walnut is traditional and sophisticated. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain making it a buyer’s favourite

As well as these, International Timber offers veneered MDF panels in Cherry, Maple, Sapele and Steamed Beech.

Veneered MDF is normally used for decorative functions – from kitchen cabinets to office furniture – due to its light surface and easy application of adhesives, paints, glue, and screws.

Typically, veneered MDF buyers would seek:

Grade A/B, which is premium veneered board that has a top quality ‘A’ grade veneer on one side and a lesser quality veneer on the other.

This is more cost effective than:

Grade A/A, in which you’ll find a top quality ‘A’ grade veneer on either side of the MDF.

Both are available at International Timber, and whilst you can purchase A/B off the shelf, for a more premium A/A, there will be a slight lead time whilst we expertly create your chosen veneered MDF.

Dependant on usage, and whether you expect both sides of the timber to be shown in your joinery/wood working, you should be able to make an effective decision around using either Grade A/A or Grade A/B. If you need assistance, just get in touch with your local International Timber branch.

Additionally, veneered fibreboards are considered environmentally friendly products. All of our MDF is produced from logs and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified – the governing body that ensures the sustainable management of forests – so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit for the environment when choosing veneered MDF.

Veneered MDF – is it for you?

International Timber’s veneered MDF is high quality, beautifully finished and affordable – perfect for your home.

If you have any other questions regarding veneered MDF, or wish to speak to us about any other wood working issues, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.

To speak to a Product Champion at your local branch, find these contact details below:

London and South East – Marc Humphrey [email protected]

South west and Wales – Louis Price [email protected]

North – Craig Hewlett [email protected]

Scotland – Angela Paterson  [email protected]

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