What cuts of Veneered MDF can you get?

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We recently published a blog about veneered MDF and its uses and benefits in joinery and construction – since then, we’ve received countless responses to elaborate on the types of veneered MDF you can get. So that’s exactly what we did!

Veneered MDF comes in various styles of cut, so we’ve pulled together a list of our top five cuts (alongside some helpful graphics at the bottom), leaving you with a more over-arching knowledge of which style to go for in your own woodworking projects. Take a look.

Crown Cut

With a crown cut, the piece of timber is cut in half, and this is then sliced straight across, parallel to the lines down the centre of the log. This produces a veneer with a central area of strong figurative grain and is considered a cleaner, more decorative option.

Quarter Cut

Lending itself perfectly to design, quarter cut timber has an amazing straight grain pattern and is perfect for interior projects. With this process, the log is cut in quarters, and each quarter is straight sliced at right angles to the growth rings. This generally produces a veneer with a uniform linear vertical grain, leaving you with a smart finish.

Rift Cut

In rift sawn lumber the annual rings are typically between 30-60 degrees – 45 degrees is the optimum choice for woodworking professionals. Rift cut timber is manufactured by milling perpendicular to the log’s growth rings. This is one of the more expensive ways to cut timber, and as such leaves your rift cut veneered MDF slightly more expensive.

Rotary Cut

In Rotary Cuts, the entire log is peeled following the growth rings, producing a continuous ribbon of veneer. This creates a bold and often variegated grain pattern.

Half-Round Cut

With a half-round cut, curved slices of wood are taken slightly across the annular growth rings of the timber, producing a veneer with some of the characteristics of both crown cut and rotary veneers.

Cuts of Veneered MDF – it’s all about what you know

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