A charitable plywood donation to Luton Rugby Club

A charitable plywood donation to Luton Rugby Club

This month we were honoured to team up with our sister-brand, Gibbs and Dandy, to supply 15mm sheets of plywood to Luton Rugby Club – for a very special reason.

The plywood was used to repair the leaking roof in the clubhouse, and it was our pleasure to provide it free of charge in a show of solidarity to Gibbs and Dandy’s local club.

Luton Rugby Club is a community club, supporting over 150 children from seven years of age up to 16 years, therefore funding is minimal. The club also supports several senior teams, with the first team playing in the London Two North West Division.

Mick Geraghty, chairman of Luton Rugby Club said: “We are very grateful for the generosity of both Gibbs and Dandy and International Timber for their support in helping to repair the roof of clubhouse.

“We have over 200 members within our club and the clubhouse enables that community to thrive, so the maintenance of that space is absolutely vital.”

An ex-player from the club also volunteered his service and completed the work free of charge, so the entire job cost the club nothing, allowing them to allocate their funds elsewhere and continue investing in the talent within the community.

We have the ability to drive change and generate social-impact with our work, and we’re proud to have a hand in the regeneration of the club.

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