Hardwood timber in home-building

Wooden planks with metal nails and hammers

Hardwood timber in home-building

From houses to skyscrapers, ceilings to floors, timber has been used as a building material for centuries to create the areas in which we live, work and socialise.

Specifically in home-building, hardwood timber is at the forefront of most interior designs. Hardwood is typically a lot denser than softwoods, making it ideal for the more hard-wearing home installations, including doors, window frames and stairs. Without the properties of hardwood timber, the chances of your stairs diminishing in stability and durability would increase, your doors wouldn’t have the same longevity and your window frames wouldn’t be able to withstand the weathering processes that take place on a day-to-day basis.

Hardwood timber is harvested from countless species across Europe, West Africa and North America, including Mahogany, Hard Maple, White Oak, and Black Walnut, and shipped worldwide to help us create our perfect homes.

Our hardwood product range has been carefully crafted to ensure you have a myriad of design options when it comes to flooring, stairs and windows.

Our stair range in White Oak and White Ash gives you a comprehensive choice of stair components that are available ex stock for flexible ordering and guaranteed deliveries, whilst our hardwood flooring – full of character and beauty – blends durability and excellent acoustic properties, making them ideal for commercial, leisure and residential applications.

To improve upon our hardwood timber offering, we successfully launched our Intelligence range last year, combining hardwood timber with engineered products to create bespoke solutions that were formerly difficult to come by.

The Intelligence solution provides a range of benefits for customers including:

  • A totally new look and quality feel – sleek and sophisticated, perfect for the modern-day household
  • Environmentally friendly, ensuring your home plays its part in helping the UK become carbon negative
  • Excellent thermal properties – this is particularly important for your windows and doors, and helps you save money on heat and electrical bills
  • Long terms solutions for individual applications
  • Stronger, more durable and resistant solutions

To see the benefits of our Intelligence range, we pulled together this quick case study of how Intelligence helped one of our customers save money, save on manufacturing time and retain their high-quality door standards.

It’s also important to note the environmental benefits of using hardwood timber in home-building. For years, many people have opted for PVC as their go-to choice for windows and doors as it’s cheap and widely manufactured. In more recent years however, as people become more aware of their carbon footprint, this plastic alternative has started to lose its shine.

PVC doesn’t have any environmental benefits when used as part of a new build, and the creation of PVC involves a lot of toxic chemicals which is incredibly damaging to the atmosphere. Hardwood timber on the other hand not only ensures you’re emitting less Co2 gasses, but it’s also a carbon negative and is known to be the most resourceful way to build!

Similarly, timber is widely agreed as the best material for staircase manufacturing, as its alternatives – concrete, metal and glass – produce higher levels of carbon and are more expensive. It would makesense to go for the stronger, more versatile and easier to work with timber option.

And that’s it

The use of hardwood timber in home-building and interior design is something that’s not only remained popular for centuries, but has seen a huge rise in popularity globally.

If you would like to speak to a timber consultant about our product range, or want a bit more information on the use of hardwood timber in home-building, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.

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Hardwood timber in home-building

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