Driving success for commercial vehicle firm with quality timber

Driving success for commercial vehicle firm with quality timber

International Timber work with a commercial vehicle firm to supply timber fixtures for vital truck components like floors and bulk heads.

Given the heavy-duty roles their vehicles tend to play – they require a steady stream of solid materials with which to fit out key areas of their trucks.

One of the company’s biggest challenges is sourcing quality materials that meet their demanding specifications. As such, we’ve worked hard to adapt our boards to suit their requirements and have begun to put stock on the ground in the UK in an effort to cut delivery times.

SVEZA Birch Plywood in Sheet form was primarily used for its vans and 18-to-24-tonne lorries, which is treated with a phenolic coating to improve durability, as well as having wire added to help improve its anti-slip qualities.

The project continues to roll along smoothly and we’ve accrued three months’ worth of stock for them – with a view to keeping a steady supply in the coming months. The company is turning over approximately 50 vehicles per month and our consistent stream of materials has enabled production to continue apace.

Further opportunities for collaboration have also been identified and we’re actively looking at providing product lines they current source from other companies, such as cut-to-size plywood.

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