Five of the most bizarre things made from timber

Five of the most bizarre things made from timber

Carpenters all over the globe are continually producing amazing products every day in timber, from beautifully finished home décor to contemporary timber buildings, revealing the versatility and beauty of the craft.

However, in this blog we thought we would celebrate some of the odder things made from wood, that really push the limits of what can be done, showcasing the most weird and wonderful things that can be, and have been, crafted in timber!

Let me check my bag

The fashion industry has pushed the boundaries of modern art and its practicality in everyday life throughout its runway shoots for years, and this little timber handbag does just that!

Photo- Copyright

This product is handmade by in Turkey and will set you back $235.00 if you wished to purchase one. While it is a little unconventional, you have to admit it is rather beautiful! Definitely a conversation starter!

Give us a buzz

Second on our list is again a rather odd thing to be made from wood, however does the job precisely! It’s a fully functioning mobile phone, with a circuit board that accepts any sim card, and will fit nicely in your timber handbag if needs be – it’s all coming together nicely.

Photo- Copyright The Tech Journal

This product is made by the MIT High-Low Tech Project.

Now, whilst these products do wow their customers, the next thing to come on our list will change the way we see wooden interiors forever – and might leave you wanting to redesign your home.

Time for some fun!

Photo- Copyright Homes and

Does it get any better than a slide in your home? Probably not. This circular mahogany slide was invented by Scott A. Jones, and featured a worrying 40,000 staples (but only while the 30 gallons of epoxy dried)! This beautifully finished alterative staircase would be the envy of any home.

Ever wanted to own a supercar?

Livio De Marchi, from the Italian Island of Venice had grown tired of his city’s waterways being turned into a highway and was sick of being pushed aside by motor boats and water taxis. He dreamed of a simpler time before these boats and decided enough was enough – which is when he created a classic Italian car that he could take to the waves!

This marvellous motor took him just 5 months to carve and weighed 2,000 pounds – despite this, he still managed to ride his masterpiece through the canals of Venice. Check it out below!

An Italian classic

And last but certainly not least, is this handcrafted wooden Vespa, designed by Portuguese craftsman, Carlos Alberto – now we would love a go on this!

This Vespa style scooter is created almost entirely from wood and is lovingly named “Daniela” by its owner Carlos – she’s guaranteed to turn heads!

Photo- Copyright

And that’s it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the oddest things made in wood! If you’ve been inspired to make your own off timber creation, get in touch and we will be able to provide you with all the materials you’ll need to start.

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