International Timber invests in 21 new side loaders

Side loaders

International Timber invests in 21 new side loaders

International Timber (IT) has recently invested its profits into the company after buying a fleet of new side loaders.

The 21 side loaders, which will be situated across three of International Timber’s sites – Trafford Park, Parkend and Grangemouth – will be used to enhance environmental performance across IT’s UK bases.

International Timber’s parent company, Saint Gobain, is currently transitioning away from diesel powered Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) to equivalent equipment powered by either electrical Batteries or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Diesel equipment will now only be procured in cases where there is a specific requirement for equipment that is not available in either an LPG or electrical variant.

Health and safety training will be delivered to International Timber teams by Rushlift – the side loader provider – ensuring relevant teams are fully-equipped to handle the new equipment, which will include changing and handling gas cylinders.

In total, 12 side loaders will be delivered to Trafford Park, five will be going to Parkend, and Grangemouth will be receiving four of the vehicles.

International Timber’s environmental ethos is so important to the company, not just stopping at the sustainable harvesting of trees, but looking at ways environmental HSE is improved throughout our UK operations.

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