International Timber take part in training as part of partnership with Accsys

International Timber take part in training as part of partnership with Accsys

Seven members of the International Timber sales team from across all four depots visited the Netherlands to participate in a two-day distributor training session on Accoya wood with Accsys Technologies.

Just some of the topics covered during the training session included the sustainability credentials of Accoya, the history of acetylation, the new A2 grade and the Accoya Joinery Certification Scheme.

The two-day event was valuable insight for our team who not only received an in-depth summary of the latest performance data for Accoya, but also a tour of the factory and trials site.

Justin Peckham, Sales Manager at Accsys, said: “From the perspective of Accsys this was an extremely useful exercise.

“I’m grateful both to the guys who attended for taking two days out of their busy work schedules to spend time focussing on Accoya and to their managers for allowing them the time to do so.

“As well as giving us an opportunity to update the International Timber team on the latest developments in Accoya outside of the normal distractions of a working day and give them a chance to see the factory, it also allowed us to build personal relationships and better understand the challenges that the sales team face, thus improving our ability to help them convert more of their customers to using Accoya.”

As part of the Accoya joinery certification scheme – International Timber will be working together with Accsys to convert joinery companies to using Accoya.

Accoya wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology – acetylation to create a high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.

The exceptional durability and particularly dimensional stability of Accoya means that it requires significantly less maintenance, because paints stay where they belong: on the wood.

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