International Timber wins gold for environmental excellence

environmental excellence

International Timber wins gold for environmental excellence

International Timber (IT) Grangemouth has been awarded a Gold-Standard award for Environmental Excellence.

International Timber was celebrated for its great environmental practices following a full assessment of its Grangemouth site.

The awarding body, Keep Scotland Beautiful, is a government-funded organisation that goes into offices, industrial sites and schools across the region, assessing their environmental standards, charity work, social benefits and internal social care plans.

The scoring for each of the five sections – Administration, Environmental (internal), Environmental (external), Waste Management and Community Participation – was out of 100%, with any score above 80% being deemed ‘exceptional’. International Timber scored above 80% for three of the five, securing the Gold Standard certification.

Keith Graham from International Timber said: “This award truly reflects the behaviours of International Timber – we’re an organisation that cares not only about the products that we produce, but the ethos in which we work and the sustainable, charitable and social practices that we try to exhibit throughout the working year.”

International Timber was approached by Stuart McKill from the charity to apply, advising that the standards he’s seen from IT would be at least bronze standard. A full report was issued highlighting the key practices that led to this incredible win.

Keep Scotland Beautiful campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people’s lives. To find out more, visit their website here.

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