International Timber’s biodiversity improvements

International Timber’s biodiversity improvements

International Timber (IT) recently made some on-site improvements with the addition of a green space to encourage a more biodiverse working environment.

Martin Beard, EHS Champion & Kiln Operator, was approached by IT’s Parkend Site Operations Manager to devise a plan to improve the aesthetics of the premises with biodiversity as a key theme.

The regeneration took place around the main office building, where there was a small moat surrounding the building, filled with stones. Martin decided to turn this space into a garden, filling it with plants that would attract the most wildlife, giving them a home and a safe space to thrive.

Several steps were taken to create the finished product, using materials from Saint Gobain sister-companies. Martin sourced:

  • Waste glulam beams from Pasquill Leeds to level up the area before recycling the original slabs to create a ‘step effect’
  • Jewson soil, sand and cement to fill the area professionally
  • As well as some anti-slip slip decking from International Timber to provide a safer environment

Martin said: “I have worked at International Timber Parkend for 4 years now and always thought the area around the office building was uninspiring, so when the operations manager said what can we do to improve the area and boost our biodiversity status I drew some plans up and visualised in my head what I wanted it to look like.

“It was hard work as the weather was against us that time of year – especially shovelling 8 tonnes of soil by hand – but as the days and effort rolled on I could see it all coming together.

“Once the main structure was formed I let it settle for a couple of months before deciding on what plants would be best suited in the beds & what would attract the most wildlife. Finally, on July 9th the last plants were bedded in and I think it looks really good.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Martin who put time and effort into making the site a more inspiring, attractive and biodiverse space. This shows incredible staff initiative, branch improvements and a desire to make the working environment a place for everyone to be proud of. Great work!

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