International Women’s Day – Choose to Challenge

International Women’s Day – Choose to Challenge

For International Women’s Day, we spoke to four ladies who have each worked with us for over 20 years! We discussed how the timber industry has evolved and International Timber alongside it, what they envision for the future and their advice for anyone looking to join our team.

Say hello to a few of the team that drive us further towards our goals

Lynsey McGinlay – Credit Control Supervisor   

Been with International Timber for 23 years  

Joined as a receptionist and progressed to Credit Control Supervisor

It’s been great to see how International Timber has expanded, evolved and adopted new technology over the years. I’ve built a lot of trust with clients during my time here, it’s been very rewarding to build strong relationships with clients who will come to you time and again, and fully trust your expertise. 


Joy McLaren – Sales Administrator

Been with International Timber for 21 years

Started working in admin and now progressed to Sales Administrator   

International Timber has changed in a lot over the years; we’ve implemented fantastic procedures from health and safety to administration software and it has been great to be part of that change and evolution. One thing that has remained consistent throughout is great work to life balance – from parental support to career progression. It’s a fulfilling experience working at International Timber. 

My advice to anyone joining International Timber is no matter what gender you are, put your thinking cap on and get ready to learn everything and absorb all the knowledge available to you. The industry is more complex than you think, and the more you know, the more you progress. 


Amanda Davie – Internal Sales Consultant   

Been with International Timber for 21 years 

Started in shipping and transport and progressed to sales 

During my time here I’ve seen a lot of positive change from increased diversity to streamlined procedures and it’s been great to be a part of these changes and have the opportunity to grow skillsets and progress my career. 

My advice to newbies would be to pick up on everything – all the knowledge you can, the more you know, the easier everything is!


Gail Shaw – Senior Sales Specialist

Been with International Timber for 33 years

Started as sales administrator and now work as team leader to the merchant division in sales. 

During my 33 years at International Timber, I’ve seen significant progress in work procedures to diversity – internally and in the industry as a whole. It’s great to see more women entering the timber industry and the changes they are making. 

I’m excited for the changes to come as International Timber continues to evolve with the times.


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