Modern Storage Ideas

Modern Storage Ideas

People have busy lives, and making storage easier and more effective works for everyone. Wooden storage can be the perfect option to make your home look modern and stylish while storing away all those bits and bobs that otherwise don’t have a home.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at some cool and modern storage ideas involving timber.

Staircase Storage

Swiss design studio Big-Game created this wooden staircase using oiled timber panels with a strong grain. The designers said that the aim was to optimise space inside the compact interiors. Using this timber can add warmth and texture to a home, and the cut out shelves in the side are perfect for storing shoes, books and all manner of knick-knacks.

Timber is well suited for this kind of project, due to is durability and warm feel.  Wood is a good, flexible option for those on a budget, as well as designers looking to splash the cash. The sheer variety of timber materials that can be used in construction means there’s something to suit every project – and budget.

Interior designer Kathryn Tyler has created this hardwood staircase for her new home that she designed and built herself. Once again, the design adds some texture to the house and the cut out shelves are perfect for storing kitchen items, cookery books and random bits and bobs.

Storage Benches

Storage benches such as this one shown to right are a classic way to introduce timber into your home whilst adding style and creativity. Using hardwoods such as these shown here can be used as seating, injecting style into the home, and for storing items such as cushions, blankets, shoes – or whatever you fancy!

This storage bench is perfect for the garden/decking area. The use of hardwood timber painted grey adds a rustic feel to the area and is perfect for storing outside garden items such as blankets, wellies and garden tools.

Alternative storage

Wooden crates in the home have rose in popularity over the past five years due to the desirable “urban chic” trend. Crates that range in sizes and colours are popping up in homes everywhere and are the perfect alternative storage idea. And

those that look vintage are all the range. Using wooden cratesattached to the wall, or simply stacked together, adds rustic feel to the room.

Let’s think outside the box on this one. Who said ladders were just for climbing? This practical wooden storage ladder adds charm to the bathroom and doesn’t take up too much space. As shown in the image above it can be used to store decorative items for example candles and glass jars, or it can be used for practical storage as well such as towels or toothbrushes!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this blog has provided you with some inspiration on how you can introduce timber into your home for the perfect storage solution – for interior or outside use. But if you have any other suggestions, be sure to fire us a tweet or get in touch on Facebook.

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