OH Panels: A Q&A with C Bros Joinery’s Operations Manager

O H panels

OH Panels: A Q&A with C Bros Joinery’s Operations Manager

Excellent stability, labour timesaving and a cost-effective way to produce a quality exterior door – these are just some of the reasons our clients choose from our O H Panels range. The same reasons given to us by Mike Unwin, a client of ours and Operations Manager for C Bro Joinery in Mitchem, Surrey.

We sat down with Mike to find out exactly why he prefers to use our O H Panels – part of our Intelligence range – delving into where he finds the most benefits.

How easy was it to machine a profile using Intelligence Door components?

Processing the Intelligence components through our manufacturing process was simple and effective – the team had no issues using it and found it to be of great quality.

Did you find it reduced the production time significantly?

Buying in pre-laminated timber products such as these has vastly reduced our production time, leaving us better equipped to deal with growing client demands and pressures. You really begin to see more added value being given to clients when your team has more time on their hands.

Was the OH Raised and Fielded panel easy to work with?

The OH boards were simple and easy to use, which obviously improves our day to day project work. And it’s worth mentioning that it can be difficult to achieve a great finish after processing panel, but the OH Raised and Fielded panel gave us an excellent finish which has delighted the customer.

What is your overall impression on the quality?

The Intelligence timbers and OH panels are finished to a very good standard. I’d recommend them to anyone that’s in need of great quality panel.

Would you be using these components in future manufacturing?

We will absolutely be using and specifying the products on future projects – it’s great to work with a product that has so many benefits both to the end user and the team processing it.

If you could use one sentence to describe the Intelligence range from International timber what would it be?

An astute and simple material application to dramatically reduce production time and wastage.

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There you have it – our Intelligence O H Panels range is already filling a gap in the market and we’re delighted with the feedback so far. To check it out, visit our product page here.

If you’d like to speak to a timber consultant about our product range, or want a bit more information on what we can offer you, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out!

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